Bulk Density Apparatus

Model : RBD-1

  • Powder Density is specially designed to study the packing down of powder beds of different pharmaceuticals and chemicals powders, flakes, pellets, granules and other bulk substances.

Tapped Density Apparatus is a critical instrument used to determine the tapped density of powders and granular materials. Its importance lies in its ability to assess how closely particles pack together when subjected to tapping or vibration. Here’s a concise overview of its use and significance:


Model : RBD-186

Bulk Density Apparatus: The ‘pour density’ is the apparent density of a bed of material formed in a container of standard dimensions when a specified amount of the material is introduced without settling.


  • Easy to operate all the functions.
  • Cylinders holder having easy mechanism to insert and take out.
  • Simultaneous tapping and rotating assures an evenly packed surface.
  • Supports 250ml graduation cylinder.
  • IQ/OQ Documents



No of stations 1 OR 2 (optional)
Dropping Height 25 mm
Angle of rotation while tapping 10 Degree
Drops per min 30/min
No of Drops up to 9999
Measuring Cylinder 250 ml
Display 16 X 2 Character Backlit
Motor AC Gear Motor
Power Supply 220/230 V 50 Hz Single Phase
Fuse rating 5 Amps