Tablet Disintegration Tester

Owning a laboratory? Do you think you have enough of its equipment that is well advanced and upgraded? What about a tablet disintegration tester? The most vital apparatus that determines how far and fast a tablet sample disintegrates within a liquid medium.

It is crucial for drug analysts and pharma developers to ascertain the breakdown time of solid compounded tablets or capsules for quality control purposes. This way, the medical researchers can evaluate the time taken for a capsule to dissolve inside a human stomach.


Raise Lab Equipment has been successfully catering to the needs of pharma labs, researchers, and quality control analysts for a long time. In the process, it has added one more feather to its cap – automated tablet disintegration tester. Without requiring much manual force and intervention, the apparatus is rich in quality, most durable, advanced and affordable. Let’s see the details in brief.

The apparatus is simple and adopts a vessel that contains the tester medium that replicates human stomach acids. This is for the accurate calculation of the time taken for the sample to fragment into granules. The test aids in the development of tablet formulations further.

Why is it important to have one tablet disintegration tester in your lab?

When individuals consume a solid tablet, its compounds should immediately disintegrate within the stomach and start their action of healing. When the tablet takes more time than usual, there arises the need of formula correction or compound evaluation for faster dissolving.

The more advanced apparatus a lab has, the more reliable it becomes. So, if you are on a spree to zero in on some progressive lab equipment to suit the testing requirements, order one from our hub today.