Melting & Boiling Point Apparatus

A quality control application tool widely used to test the porosity of a wax-coated metallic vessel in the labs. The container can be an aluminium tube, can or a bottle cap. To measure porosity of a tube means to conclude whether the wax coating has holes or spaces in it that possibly trap air or allow liquid through it.


Introducing the RMP-1 Melting & Boiling Point Apparatus, a precision instrument designed by RLE to provide accurate measurements of both melting and boiling points of substances. This versatile apparatus is engineered for precision, capable of handling temperatures ranging from ambient to 320°C, making it an invaluable tool in laboratories, research, and quality control processes.

In summary, the RMP-1 Melting & Boiling Point Apparatus offers precision, versatility, and ease of use in determining the crucial melting and boiling points of various substances. Its fine temperature control, multiple capillary tube support, and sturdy construction make it an indispensable tool for laboratories and research facilities.


  • Adjustable Transformer: The RMP-1 is equipped with an adjustable transformer, allowing for stepless regulation of the heating current. This fine control ensures precise temperature adjustments, critical for accurate melting and boiling point determinations.
  • Multiple Capillary Tubes: The apparatus provides provision for three melting point capillary tubes, accommodating various substances for analysis. Additionally, a single Boiling Point Capillary is included, enhancing its versatility in the laboratory.
  • Efficient Circulation: A built-in stirrer ensures even circulation of temperature within the apparatus, further enhancing the accuracy of your measurements.
  • Temperature Maintenance: The RMP-1 features an immersed heating W-shaped bulb, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the required temperature, ensuring reliable results.
  • Temperature Range: With a wide temperature range spanning from ambient to 320°C, this apparatus can handle a broad spectrum of materials and substances.
  • Mercury Thermometer: To verify temperature accuracy, a certified mercury thermometer is included with the equipment, providing a trusted reference point for your experiments.
  • Sturdy Construction: The RMP-1 is constructed with Powder Coated Mild Steel, ensuring durability and stability during operation. Stainless Steel Grade-304 construction is also available as an option.
  • Visual Inspection: The apparatus includes an LED lamp with a magnifying lens, enabling easy and precise visual inspection of your samples during the melting and boiling point determinations.
  • Power Supply: Operating on a standard 230V AC 50Hz 2Amp input power source, the RMP-1 is compatible with most laboratory power supplies.