Package Integrity Tester

Manufacturing a drug /tablet with effectiveness and quality is applaudable and so are its packaging and storing techniques. There are pharmaceutical industries lined up aplenty to formulate drugs. But only some of them keep up to the standards complying with sterility. If your pharma lab belongs to one such category, there must be a Package Integrity Tester already equipped in the facility. If not, it is a must to know its significance.


What is a Package Integrity Tester?

The package integrity analyser or tester is intended to inspect, challenge and address any possible microbial interventions during the storage and shipping of drugs. To ensure the drug packages are aseptic enough to endure any potential contaminants or external factors affecting its formulation, Package Integrity Testers are embraced and equipped in labs.

The sterility of a medicine is the determining factor for its existence in the pharma industry and adoption into the shelves of consumers and pharmacists. With the inception of package integrity testers, the drug packaging materials are inspected to make sure they are leak / contamination proof and are repellent against microbes during shipping and shelving.

How far is a Package Integrity Tester helpful?

The apparatus hints at any possibilities of environmental factors that could stimulate contamination to the drug packaging. Since the seals and containers should act like  barriers in safeguarding the drug from microbial penetrations, minor defects in the packages are considered almost lethal.

Considering end-consumers’ safety, the Package Integrity Testing methods have been advised by the regulators and are strictly being followed by quality control analysts and pharmaceuticals.

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Elevate Your Packaging Integrity Assurance with the RLT-1C Leak Test Apparatus

Discover a new realm of simplicity and precision in package integrity testing with the RLT-1C Leak Test Apparatus. Merging ease of use with cutting-edge technology, this model stands as a testament to our dedication to providing a calibrated and efficient solution for quality assurance in leak testing.

Unveiling the Features:

Intuitive Operation: Seamlessly navigate through the testing process with our user-friendly menu, designed to make your operational procedures effortless.

Enhanced Visibility: The 4X20 LCD display ensures crystal-clear visibility, enabling you to monitor the testing process with precision.

Microcontroller Magic: Embedded system-designed microcontroller-based technology fuels the high-precision vacuum sensor, delivering accurate results that you can rely on.

Tailored Vacuum: Set and program vacuum levels up to 560 mmHg, affording you unparalleled control over your testing parameters.

Time Precision: Define the test duration, determining how long the set vacuum should be held, with programmable settings up to 999 seconds.

Seamless Automation: At the conclusion of the test, the apparatus automatically releases the vacuum, streamlining the process and minimizing manual intervention.

Pump Performance: Experience hands-free vacuum control through our in-built oil-free vacuum pump, ensuring precision and consistency in vacuum levels.

Versatile Desiccators: Employ the 200mm Polycarbonate Vacuum Desiccators, with optional sizes such as Dia 150, 250, and 300, to cater to your specific needs.

Instant Reporting: The in-built thermal printer (Model PNP-64) provides you with real-time test reports, simplifying your record-keeping and analysis.

Validation Ease: Validating the apparatus is a breeze with compatibility with certified digital vacuum gauges.

Crafted for Excellence: The RLT-1C not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards of cGMP, boasting a construction of stainless steel -304, a testament to durability and quality.

Optimize Your Testing:

Enhance your apparatus with optional accessories, including a range of Polycarbonate Vacuum Desiccators (Diameters 150, 250, and 300), and a set of 6 Thermal Printer Rolls.

Our Leak Test Apparatus redefines package integrity testing across pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. By seamlessly blending technological prowess with user-friendly design, we present an instrument that transcends expectations and empowers your pursuit of quality assurance. Welcome to a new era of packaging integrity.


Display 4X20 LCD Display
Operation 8 hotkey membrane key panel
Vacuum Level Settable from 10mmHg to 560mmHg
Timer Settable test time (vacuum holding time) up to 999 sec
Vacuum Desiccators 200mm Polycarbonate
Printer In-built Thermal Printer (Model PNP-64)
Power 230V / 50 Hz