Tablet Hardness Tester

Introducing the Raise Lab Equipment Model RHT-100 Tablet Hardness Tester, a cutting-edge instrument meticulously designed for pharmaceutical and research laboratories. This advanced device, compliant with both USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia) standards, ensures precision in measuring tablet hardness. With features like a user-friendly interface, durable construction, and automated operation, the RHT-100 stands as a reliable solution for quality control, adhering to stringent industry regulations and contributing to the seamless evaluation of tablet formulations.


Salient Features:

Compact, space-saving design with advanced microprocessor technology, offered at an economical price.
Accurate measurement of tablet hardness.
Menu-driven operation with a PC-compatible keyboard and a 20×4 character LCD display for simplified operation.
Hardness units include Newton (N), Kilopond (Kp), Strong Cobb (Sc), and User Defined (UD).
Precise positioning for samples of any shape, accommodating tablets up to 36mm in diameter (length).
Storage and recall of 50 different product recipes.
Settable sample size up to 100 per test.
Simple calibration and/or verification (Validation) using a certified 5 Kg weight.
Various report generation capabilities.
Supports dot matrix, desk jet, and laser jet printers.
IQ/OQ Documentation.
Technical Specifications:

Display: 20×4 LCD display with backlight.

Operation: Front operating panel and PC-compatible keyboard for entering product information.

Parameter Allowed Range:

Hardness: 3 to 500 N, in units of N, Kp, Sc, and UD (User Defined).

Standard: PC-compatible keyboard for product information entry, parallel printer interface.

Standard: Parallel printer interface cable, mains cord, calibration kit, tablet debris collection tray, cleaning brush, operating manual.
Optional: Certified hardened chrome-plated brass bullion weights (5Kg for calibration, 10Kg for verification), Epson LX300 dot matrix printer, IQ/OQ documents.