Lacquer Porosity Tester

A quality control application tool widely used to test the porosity of a wax-coated metallic vessel in the labs. The container can be an aluminium tube, can or a bottle cap. To measure porosity of a tube means to conclude whether the wax coating has holes or spaces in it that possibly trap air or allow liquid through it.


Lacquer Porosity Tester: The apparatus uses DC potential, a copper electrode and chemical solution to test the porosity that can be read through a digital display on the device. It is an easy and accurate method to know whether the lacquer coating is continuous or has any pores in it.

Raise Lab offers user-friendly and easy to operate Lacquer porosity testing apparatus that is as accurate as any other imported equipment.

Revolutionize Lacquer Porosity Testing with the RLP-1 Lacquer Porosity Tester

Introducing the RLP-1 Lacquer Porosity Tester, where simplicity meets precision in a single device. Designed to offer seamless usability and accurate results, this model sets a new standard in Lacquer Porosity testing, ensuring the integrity of aluminum tubes, cans, bottle caps, and foils.

The RLP-1 epitomises precision, innovation, and simplicity, standing as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Located at C-2, Industrial Park, Moula-Ali, Hyderabad, India, this instrument redefines Lacquer Porosity testing across industries, setting new standards of quality assurance. Welcome to a world where technological prowess meets user-centric design.


  • Effortless Operation: Navigate through testing effortlessly with our user-friendly menu, streamlining operational procedures.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The 4X20 LCD display ensures clear visibility, allowing you to monitor the testing process with ease.
  • Microcontroller Magic: Crafted with an embedded system-designed microcontroller, the RLP-1 stands as a pinnacle of technological innovation.
  • Instant Reporting: Experience the convenience of an in-built thermal printer, which provides real-time test reports for immediate analysis.
  • Versatile Application: An ideal testing equipment for Lacquer Porosity testing across a range of items, including Aluminium Tubes, Cans, Bottle Caps, and Foils.
  • Optimal Sample Size: Conduct tests efficiently with just 10 required samples, saving time and resources.
  • Programmable Precision: Set the test duration for each sample in seconds, initiating the internal timer by simply pressing the Start key.
  • Clear Results: View the test results on the 20X4 LCD Display, and seamlessly generate comprehensive reports with the in-built Thermal Printer.
  • Validation Ease: Easily validate the equipment using a certified External Ammeter in accordance with ISI standard specifications and methods.
  • Secure Your Data: Implement password protection for the real-time clock, ensuring your data remains secure.


Display 4X20 LCD Display
Operation 8-key soft touch membrane key panel
Current Flow Adjustable 1 Amp (refer to permissible current flow corresponding to tube diameter)
Printer In-Built Thermal Printer
Main Fuse 500mA
Fuse Rating for Display 1.5 Amp
Power 230V / 50 Hz