Scott Volumeter

Extensively used in reading the density of metallic powders and its related materials, Scott Volume reader or Scott Volumeter is a widely used instrument in pharma labs. The purpose is to compare and conclude the type of interaction that exists between the different types of particles that the whole powder comprises. This aids in analysing the flowability of the powders varying in density like metallic, granules, mineral compounds and even paint powders. The apparatus is highly recommended for pharmaceutical usage in analysing the density of chemical substances.


Why does a pharma lab need to measure bulk density?

Scott Volumeter: Ruling out any doubtfulness about the purpose of Scott Volume Reader, researchers confirm that the device aids in analyzing the crucial variable – bulk density. This is the most important factor contributing to the overall manufacturing of a solid capsule or tablet and developing the formulation process.

By measuring the density of chemical powders that compound a capsule, it is easy to ascertain the exact quantity of powder required to contour a capsule. Hence, a thorough process development and tablet composition is done by reading the density of various chemical powders contributing to the manufacturing of a solid drug.

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Discover the RSV-1 Scott Volumeter Apparatus: Precision in Bulk Density Testing

The RSV-1 Scott Volumeter Apparatus redefines precision in the realm of bulk density testing. As a staple in powder testing applications, this apparatus is an invaluable tool for determining the bulk density of free-flowing powders – a crucial parameter in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Designed to meet international standards, the RSV-1 stands as a testament to accuracy and quality.

With the RSV-1 Scott Volumeter Apparatus, you not only acquire an instrument but a precision tool that unravels the intricacies of bulk density. Precision, adherence to standards, and easy usability make the RSV-1 an essential companion for bulk density determination according to Ph. Eur. and USP standards.


  • Adherence to Global Standards: Crafted to comply with both USP and ASTM standards, ensuring reliability and traceability in results.
  • Enhanced Precision: Equipped with toughened, surface-treated glass baffles for optimal accuracy and repeatability.
  • Stability in Design: A unique and innovative design, paired with a vibration-free base platform, ensures consistent and trustworthy measurements.
  • Levelling with Ease: The inbuilt spirit level facilitates seamless level adjustment, guaranteeing precise testing conditions.
  • Tailored Mesh Options: The RSV-1 offers interchangeable sieve mesh options, catering to diverse testing requirements.
  • Comprehensive Package: A standard set of 10 sieve meshes accompanies the equipment, with the option for customized sieves as spares.
  • Material Excellence: Contact parts crafted from stainless steel grade-316 and toughened glass ensure durability and accuracy.
  • Receiver Cup Precision: The receiver cup, made of Stainless Steel Grade-316 as per USP & ASTM standards, adheres to strict dimensional specifications (25± 0.05ml in round shape).
  • Customization Possibilities: Optional square-shaped cup receiver opens avenues for tailored testing needs.
  • Hygiene and Reliability: Easy-to-clean and contamination-free, the RSV-1 guarantees a service-free experience.


Designed for Bulk Density: The apparatus excels at measuring the bulk density of fine powders, following the guidelines of both Ph. Eur. and USP.
Square Cup Receiver (Optional): Customizable square-shaped cup receiver caters to unique testing preferences.