Tablet Dissolution Tester

One of the vital analytical testing units to determine the physical changes that a solid tablet or capsule sample undergoes – Tablet Dissolution Tester. It is indeed important for pharma developers in product development for controlled release preparations. The apparatus aids in analysing how a drug sample undergoes physical changes within the gastrointestinal tract of the human body.


Why is it important for a lab to own a tablet dissolution tester?

Tablet Dissolution Tester: The generic pharmaceutical industry indeed needs to know the tablet dissolution process for formula development, quality control and monitoring the physical changes of the sample post consumption.

The equipment aids in knowing whether the drug complies with the standards and ascertains the time it takes to dissolve completely to release vital drugs. The reading of dissolution is necessary for evaluating the tablet’s bioavailability and its therapeutic effectiveness.

It should be noted by pharma companies that a drug is approved and released into the market only after passing a dissolution test.

How many kinds of tablet dissolution testers are on the market?

Manufacturers from across the globe come up with a myriad of testing apparatus every other day catering to the upgrading needs of the clients. But only a few of the models top the list and they include: Basket,  Paddle, Rotating cylinder, Reciprocating cylinder, disc and reciprocating disc types.

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